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Plant a Seed and Watch Us Grow!

Welcome to Seeds of Knowledge Creative Learning Center, a progressive year-round child development center providing Metro Detroit Area families with an academic focus to early learning, collaborative family atmosphere, and a safe, inspiring environment that encourages exploration and creativity. .

Our program engages children ages 6 weeks -5 years/ school aged with age appropriate activities that focus on creative exploration. Our program incorporates social and environmental awareness.

The goal of Seeds of Knowledge Creative Learning Center is for children to become engaged in their own learning while educators serve as guides rather than instructors. We encourage children to take risks and embrace learning through creative thought.


The project-based approach we use at our school considers children to be active learners and teachers to be facilitators of that learning. Our students work together and with their teachers to negotiate, plan and work through projects.  Lessons are enhanced with real-world connections, explorations, field trips and projects. This approach encourages higher-level thinking and application while developing positive learning habits by attempting to make learning fun and self-motivating as possible.

We appreciate your interest in Seeds of Knowledge Creative Learning Center and hope you enjoy learning more about our program.  Please browse through our site, and let us know how we can assist you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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